​​Mozzarella Sticks  - $6.95

​​Golden fried served with a tasty marinara sauce.

Bone-In Wings  -$8.95
Tossed with your choice of Buffalo, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili or Barbecue sauce.

Boneless Wings - $8.95
Crispy white chicken meat tossed in your choice of Buffalo, Teriyaki or Barbecue sauce.

Hummus - $7.95
Blended chick peas, lemon & tahini. Pita- $6.95 or Carrots & Celery.

Baba Ganoush - $7.95
Oven roasted eggplant mixed with tahini, lemon, and olive oil.

Falafel - $6.95
Ground chick peas, onions, garlic & parsley with our secret spice blend.

​​Grape Leaves - $5.95
Hand rolled and stuffed with pickled rice.

​Starter Combo - $9.95
Hummus, Falafel & Grape Leaves.

Teriyaki Dumplings - $7.95
Fried chicken dumplings served with soy sauce.

Sliders - $10.95

3 mini angus burgers with sautéed onions & cheddar cheese on a Hawaiian bun.

Chicken Santa Fe Rolls - $8.95

Smoked chicken, black beans, corn, red peppers, spinach & pepper jack cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders - $9.95

3 spicy chicken tenders with crumbled bleu cheese on a Hawaiian bun. 

Portabella Cheese Bites - $8.95

A rich blend of provolone and asiago cheeses combined with diced portabella mushrooms
inside a crispy garlic panko shell.

Chip ‘n’ Dippers - $9.95

Ceamy spinach & artichoke inside a cheesy loaded wonton chips.

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